Power Engineering Services, Inc.
Electric Power Engineering and Testing 

Power Engineering Services, Inc.

President: Robert Staudt, PE


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Operations Manager: Daniel R. Staudt


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Dielectric Rubber Goods Testing

Laboratory Testing Program

Power Engineering Services, Inc. houses a 4500 sqft. facility for testing high voltage rubber protective goods to the latest ASTM/ANSI Standards and have

proudly served the Texas electrical industry for over 20 years.


Gloves (D120; F496)
Sleeves (D1051; F496)
Blankets (D1048; F479)
Line Hose (D1050; F478) 
Rubber Insulation Covers (D1049; F478)
Rubber Insulating Matting (D178) 
Hot Stick and Hot Line Tools (D711) 
Insulating Plastic Guards (D712) 
Insulating Aerial Devices (ANSI-A92.2)

Testing Procedure:

A. Visual Inspection and Air Testing - Rubber goods are carefully inspected inside and out for age cracking, imperfections in the rubber, minor tears,

chemical attack and corona cutting.

B. Solvent Cleaning - Solvent is environmentally acceptable, MSDS statement provided.

C. Detergent Washing - Mild detergent is used, MSDS statement provided.

D. Dielectric Testing - Procedure is done in accordance with ASTM Standards. Rubber goods are rejected if they fail the electrical breakdown testing. 

E. Drying - Drying is done with circulating warm air.

F. Stamping - Rubber goods are stamped in ink and the boxes are labeled in accordance with ASTM.

G. Packing - Rubber goods will be packed in cartons. Rejected gloves shall be so marked and returned.

H. Documentation - Written certification of results will be furnished for all tested materials.

High-Voltage Testing Services:

• Rubber Gloves
• Rubber Sleeves
• Rubber Blankets
• Rubber Line Hoses
• Rubber Hoods
• Grounding Cables
• Telescoping Tool (Extendo or Measuring Stick)
• Tools with External Operating Rod (Shotgun Stick)
• Single Rod Tool (Switch Stick)
• Multi-Rod Tool (Grounding Cluster)
• Hot Stick Repair
• Bucket Truck Testing
• Bucket Truck Liner Testing