Power Engineering Services, Inc.
Electric Power Engineering and Testing 

Power Engineering Services, Inc.

President: Robert Staudt, PE


(210) 590-4936


Operations Manager: Daniel R. Staudt


(210) 259-6301

Our Services

Power Engineering Services, Inc. was established in 1993 and is headquartered in Converse, TX, right outside of San Antonio. We perform expert electrical acceptance and maintenance testing services in the commercial and industrial industries. Alongside the electrical field services, PES also performs Power System Studies and houses a 4,500 sqft. high-voltage lab for personal protective equipment (PPE) testing. We primarily service Texas, but our reach spans out to all of the U.S. and internationally.

Power System Studies
• Protective Device Coordination Study
• Short Circuit Study
• Arc Flash Analysis
• Load Flow Study
• Voltage Drop Study
• Power Quality Analysis
• Power Factor Correction
• Harmonic Analysis

Field Services
• Predictive Maintenance
• Preventive Maintenance
• Substations – Maintenance, Testing, and Repair
• Circuit Breakers – Maintenance, Testing, and Repair
• Protective Relays – Calibrations and Testing
• Transformers – Maintenance, Testing, Oil and Gas Diagnostics, Repair
• Motors – Maintenance and Testing
• Thermographic Infrared Inspections
• Emergency Response 24/7
• Cable and Fault Locates
• Troubleshooting Services
• Maintenance Contracts
• Start-up and Commissioning

High-Voltage Testing Services
• Rubber Gloves
• Rubber Sleeves
• Rubber Blankets
• Rubber Line Hoses
• Rubber Hoods
• Grounding Cables
• Telescoping Tool (Extendo or Measuring Stick)
• Tools with External Operating Rod (Shotgun Stick)
• Single Rod Tool (Switch Stick)
• Multi-Rod Tool (Grounding Cluster)
• Hot Stick Repair
• Bucket Truck Testing
• Bucket Truck Liner Testing

This is just a summary of the many services that PES offers. Feel free to give us a call or email with any questions regarding additional services that may be offered.